Should Kids Be Bribed to Do Well in School

While I was reading this article by TIME magazine, i kept thinking about my very own conclusion.  At the end I came to realize they should’ve just asked me to get the answer because I was right all along! (As I tend to be sometimes) Hey, I’m a mom so I know what woks!

The study was conducted by Roland Fryer Jr, a poor drug dealer turn Harvard professor, by his curiosity of whether money as a motivator could make kids get better grades.  He got a bunch of schools to agree to his study and with 6.3 million dollars in his pockets he began to bribe kids in four cities, Dallas, Chicago, Washington and New York City.  What they found was this:
kids respond best when there is less risk of failure.  They can control their attendance; they can’t always control their test scores.
The kids who did the best with rewards were those who were paid to read books, something they know how to do.  The kids who did the worse were those paid to get good grades because they didn’t know HOW to get good grades.  Also the younger the kids were, say 2nd graders, had the most positive impact.

So start bribing your kids early and reward or recognize them immediately after their attempt.  I do, It’s always “yay, this” and “yay, that” and high-fives for all their positive behavior.  Bad behavior gets nothing. If adults work just to get paid, lets be honest, why do we expect our kids to be any different?  
They also need rewards and there comes a time when a gold star on the forehead just doesn’t cut it anymore.
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