High Price of Cheap Food

So I read this article and can't help but feel a deep feeling of regret. Why do we have to be so dang addicted to this thing we call beef? It's not like we would die if we had it twice a week... no but we might if we have it every day like we do now. The way things are going right now I hate to think how it's gonna be when my children have children.

"He's raised on grass and hay and lives happily on a pasture by the ocean. His meat is free of antibiotics, but can we afford to eat it?... We can't afford not to."

The article points to the difference between the free range Organic and the Conventional way of raising cow. The latter being the crowded and inhumane way of living in tight quarters of a feedlot to be fattened up as fast as possible. The Conventional way is inhumane but also deadly to us. Not to mention all the chemicals used and the waste produced that end up in our oceans killing the one excellent source of nutrition, fish, but also the fat attack that ends up in our gut causing so much obesity in Americans.

So what can we do to help this situation out? We need small farms all around the country as well as more farmers willing do the labor that started this country in the first place. (Yeah I've seen Centennial) Eating less meat and more greens and fruits which are better for us and the planet.

So I raise my own cow and my own chickens but it's still find it too hard to bring myself to killing one for food. Supply and Demand... if we begin buying more organic foods (demand) then surely the supply will follow. Sure we may pay less at the supermarket now for cheap meat but we will pay far more in the long run through medical bills and polluting our earth. For now I will keep doing my part and keep collecting my delicious organic eggs my chicks keep giving me. =)

So, what's for dinner? =)

You can check this article out here!
Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food
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